Zaramuk Shardan
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Check out my new SQL Server documentation tool - LiveDoco.

LiveDoco is a:
  • Microsoft SQL Server database documentation tool
  • Extended properties editor
  • Database structure explorer
  • Database structure export tool

Live in the product's title means the tool is dealing with the actual metadata from your database.
Text descriptions are stored as extended properties (MS_Description) of their respective DB objects which is pretty standard.
This means that LiveDoco is compatible with and complimentary to most database documentation generation tools such as excellent ApexSQL's ApexSQL Doc and Red Gate's SQL Doc.

LiveDoco is unique in the following areas:
  • Since the documentation is generated on the fly (hence Live in the product title) – it is never out of sync with your DB by definition. Any changes to the DB schema are immediately seen in LiveDoco.
  • LiveDoco supports deep linking, so you can just email a link to say a column in some view your colleague is asking about.
  • It only needs to be installer once on an intranet web server and is immediately available to all your devs/dbas/support etc.

More information is available on the product's website -